French Photography Museum

If wet plate collodion field photography, trekking and weight lifting happen to be your 3 hobbies, then this one’s for you.  Complete with a portable lab, that folds up into a massive wooden backpack the whole kit weighs a “mere” 12.4 kg (without tripod), circa 1870 that was apparently ultra light. When you see how small the camera (about the size of a 4×5”) looks compared to the lab case, it gives you an idea of the mad proportions of this “travel photographer’s” kit.

Dimensions: H. 107 x L. 92 x P. 80 cm – 12,4 kg.

This is one of many amazing cameras on display at the “Musée français de la Photographie” (the French photography museum in Bièvres, a small town near Versailles. The place is absolutely crammed with cameras form the classic Rolleis and Leicas to some incredibly strange modified large format models…

L: A camera for a carrier pigeon!

R: A modified technikaLinhof 4×5, turned into a giant twin lens reflex, now that must be really light!

L: This large format camera was huge at least 20×24″ couldn’t find any info on the strange periscope-like lens. Designed for a narrow L shaped studio perhaps!

R: A Rolleiflex with a transparent panel showing the mechanism inside

ZEISS IKON – Contarex in perfect condition with a selenium cell

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