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Let us know about your project and your needs for Photography, Video or both.

With over 15 years experience in the region providing visuals for clients such as:
Canon, Toyota, Penguin Books, Time Inc, Rotary International,  L’Oreal, Sofitel, McCann Erickson,
Lafarge, Cartier, National Geographic Channel, and many more we’ll fill your needs  for
Portrait, Commercial, Travel / hospitality & Documentary, as well as unit stills and short Film Production projects.

Please provide details of the planned project, including (if known).

. Scale of the project
. Planned use of images or footage (web, print etc…)
. If Print – Please provide details of the print run of the publication
. Rights required / period of use for photos and footage
. If you need art direction or you would like us to work on unique a concept with you.
. If you need graphic or web design we have a good network to connect you with
. Extra services required, such as location scouting, talent booking, extra crew…

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