Film projects shot, directed and produced by REALFEATURES – Watch the latest Reel:

All footage, shot and directed by Cedric Arnold

A short film, all shot in slow motion featuring scenes from  Thursday Oct 26th 2017,

in Bangkok as huge crowds gathered for the cremation ceremony of the late monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

CASE STUDY / FLYING HORSE: Commissioned to write, direct shoot + deliver two short films for London Jeans brand Flying Horse.

Brief one: Show the process of making jeans from raw cotton all the way to the finished product, with a fun story telling approach rather than serious corporate video.
Style / colour needed to be faded / polaroid like to match the look of a stills campaign shot on polaroid film.

Solution provided by Realfeatures: Script writing – The character, a denim obsessed, quirky quality control guy checks every aspect of the production from cotton to final product, allowing us to be led through on a tour of the factory with a different feel.

The catchy motion graphics, created by Gabriel Camelin (also editor and colorist on this project) allow us to avoid a boring voice over and keep the pace going.

Writing, Camera and direction: Cedric Arnold / Production on site + post production: Gabriel Camelin

The second film for FLYING HORSE.

The brief: In order to accelerate the process of making brand new raw denim jeans “more vintage”, Flying Horse came up with the “sanding tool” a little wooden tool with coarse sand paper to rub on your jeans.
That was the basic brief with the idea of somehow using our denim obsessed character.

Solution provided by Realfeatures: Script writing – Our character, the denim obsessed, quirky quality control guy is back, this time he’s experimenting in his workshop, with a seemingly endless supply of raw denim,
using somewhat over the top techniques to find short cuts to age his jeans. Eventually he figures out sand paper will do a great job and he makes “the tool” – Pleased with himself our denim obsessed man can’t stop using the tool everywhere he goes.

In order to keep the pace right and lend the short film a humorous touch, we thought hard about music, It had to be analogue / vintage to mirror the idea of making the jeans more vintage. A raw bass, dirty drums and a touch of hammond organ was the goal.
Our friend, musician and sound designer Jean-David Caillouët, wrote, performed and recorded the all analogue soundtrack for us, giving it that pace we wanted.

Writing, Camera and direction: Cedric Arnold / Production on site + post production: Gabriel Camelin

BANGKOK MUAY THAI in 3 MINUTES Originally commissioned by British Airways and cut from footage shot during the last few days of Bangkok’s legendary old Lumphinee Boxing Stadium, at the stadium itself and boxing gyms
in the city, the client’s challenge was to shoot a very short film illustrating the sport of Muay Thai, working as a one man team…

Writing, Camera, direction, sound, edit: Cedric Arnold

Yantra: The Sacred Ink is a documentary short on Thailand’s Yantra tattoo tradition.

For centuries, Thai men have covered their bodies with protective tattoos.
Old temple murals show epic scenes of swords breaking apart when hitting a tattooed soldier’s skin.
The tradition was handed down by generations of both monks and laymen who create the talismanic, protective tattoos and empower them with prayers.

The film uses footage shot between 2009 and 2016, it shows the tattooing process and ceremonies attached to the tradition, as well as the state of trance, or “Khong Khuen” , tattooed devotees enter when “possessed” by the spirit of their tattoos. This five minute cut has been showing as part of museum and gallery shows In France, Belgium, Canada, USA, UK, Thailand, The Netherlands to accompany the photo project of the same name. The full version of the short is only available for
password protected online screeners as well as special screenings and is currently being entered into the festival circuit.

For more info on the photographic project Yantra: The Sacred Ink, as well as exhibitions please visit this page:


Natural History Museum, Los Angeles | Nov 19 2017 – Apr 15 2018

Tropen Museum, Amsterdam | March 31 2017 – Dec 2018

Past screenings:

Alliance Française, Bangkok | “long cut” film premiere,  Sept 14, 2017

Field Museum | Chicago Oct 17, 2016 – April 30, 2017

Museum of Folk Art, Santa Fe | Feb 28, 2016 to March 19, 2017

Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario | April to Sept 2016

MAS | Museum aan de Stroom, Antwerp | Feb 16 – April 17 2016

Tropen Museum, Amsterdam | March 20th – August 20th 2015

Musée du Quai Branly, Paris | May 6th 2014 – Oct 18th 2015

Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris | May-Jun 2014