Publication in De Volkskrant

Dutch National Newspaper featured Yantra: The Sacred Ink as a full double page spread today, mentioning the Body Art show at Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam where my film is on show.

Polaroid 3, Bangkok – Chinatown

The 3rd post from the Polaroid a day series, takes us to Bangkok’s Chinatown


Bangkok, Thailand. A man cycles down a street and past an outdoor cinema projection in Chinatown

This image was captured in a small alleyway in Bangkok’s Chinatown in early 2014. Usually coinciding with Chinese new year and other lunar calendar celebrations in the district, traveling popup cinemas set up in small alleys and streets showing Thai, Chinese and Western films, using aging 35mm projectors. The lip-synch is usually spectacularly wrong, the soundtracks often missing most of the orriginal sound effects, and the scratches and dust on the films something that Tarantino and Rodriguez would love should they ever make a “Grindhouse II”   Ⓒ Cedric Arnold