Polaroid 20, Dublin, Ireland

#apolaroidaday – Dum Dum Girls, Musicians Dublin, 2010


Photographed in Dublin in 2010, the bottom part of the image’s view camera-like blur occurred due to the Polaorid camera’s lens which had a dislodged element in it at the time! © Cedric Arnold

Polaroid 19, Surin

#apolaroidaday / 19, Surin province, 2010


Master mahouts, or “Mor Chang” (elephant healers) in Surin Province, northeastern Thailand Polaroid PN, 2010, © Cedric Arnold

Polaroid 18, Bangkok

#apolaroidaday / 18 Brewing storm, Bangkok, 2013


Brewing monsoon storm, Bangkok, Polaroid print –  2013 – © Cedric Arnold

Polaroid 17, Lost monk

#apolaroidaday / 17 – Chinatown, Bangkok


This monk was completely lost in Bangkok’s Chinatown – I spoke to him and asked him where he was going. He said the “monks’ hospital”. He had walked from the central train station and was nowhere near the hospital in question. The 93 year-old monk had come from the country side to get treated but had no idea how to get to the hospital from the station – eventually, a local lady took him to the hospital by taxi… Polaroid print from 6×6 polaroid back, 2008 © Cedric Arnold

Polaroid 16, Bangkok

#apolaroidaday / 16 – Chinatown, Bangkok


This is image was taken late at night in Talad Noi, part of Bangkok’s Chinatown district Polaroid print –  2013 – © Cedric Arnold

Polaroid 12, Bangkok

#apolaroidaday / 12, Bangkok – 2010


6 am, Soi Rambutree, monks leave their temple to collect morning alms © Cedric Arnold