Royal funeral ceremonies in Bangkok

A short film, all shot in slow motion featuring scenes from  Thursday Oct 26th 2017,

in Bangkok as huge crowds gathered for the cremation ceremony of the late monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej.


Time Magazine Shoot – Thailand’s Teen Fashion “Mixmaster”

I shot a series of portraits and a video / interview for Time Magazine, with the fabulous teen fashion designer phenomenon Apichet “Madaew” Atirattana. It was a fun shoot in Bangkok and Kanchanaburi, Thailand, outdoors and in the studio. The outfit in the below image Time selected you might ask? Probably best described as the result of “fashion foraging” Hits the news stands today.


Here’s the Video:

You can see the full story here by Charlie Campbell


Polaroid 11, Bangkok punks

#apolaroidaday 11, punk concert, 2009 Bangkok


Photographed during a punk concert in Bangkok in 2009 Ⓒ Cedric Arnold

Muay Thai prints – Limited edition.

I have just launched a limited edition of prints from my Muay Thai series.
The prints are made on thick mat cotton rag, museum grade, archival paper (325 GSM) And limited to editions of 25 prints.


The first batches are printed and have been shipped to Australia, the US and the UK. The picture above shows prints at the following size: 8.5 x 11″ (21.5 x 28 cm – editions of 25) –

Due to popular demand, I have also added a selection of larger images in editions of 25 as well, A3 / 11.6×16.5″ (29.7x42cm), A2 / 16.5×23.3″ (42×59.4cm) & more closeup images such as the below image printed on a smaller A5 format / in editions of 50


For info on the print sizing, availability and pricing – please email here

Lumphini Stadium, the last fight

After 57 years playing host to many of Bangkok’s most memorable fights, the legendary Lumphini Boxing Stadium closed its doors for the last time this weekend. Completed in December 1956 and run by the Thai army, the corrugated iron roofed ramshackle venue was seen as the heart and soul of Muay Thai to fighters from the world over. A modern and larger stadium will open under the same name but in a completely different location on Feb 11th. The last night was an intense one with two knockouts and quite a bit of blood spilled… These photos were all taken on that night.


A fighter listens to his coach’s advice between two rounds.


Coaches and supporters react to “their” fighter’s performance during a match


Fighters in the ring during a very powerful fight which caused spectators and gamblers alike to go wild


Gamblers gesture during round 3 of the heated battle. The bets are placed using hand-signals, very much like at a stock exchange.


A coach fits a traditional arm band (called a Prajioud) onto his fighter before a match


A fighter prays before entering the ring


Gamblers anxhiously watch a fight


A fighter grimaces with pain in the stadium doctor’s office after he was knocked out


A fighter waits for his turn to fight


A fighter practices his moves, shadowboxing before his bout


Gamblers react to the outcome of a fight


A fighter is tended to in the stadium doctor’s office, after a knockout


A fighter listens to his coach’s advice between two rounds


Gamblers react to a fight going against the odds.


A fighter spits out blood and is looked after by his team after a difficult fight.


A gambler reflects on the evening after the last fight.


The usually bustling back area of the stadium with the massage beds where the fighters are prepared for the fights is left deserted at the end of the night