PJ Harvey

A_PJ_BLOGFourteen years ago today, I landed in Bangkok to begin working as a correspondent for the Corbis Sygma agency. The very last London assignment before moving here was to photograph one of my heroes on stage, the amazing PJ Harvey, a very fitting way to bid farewell to London Town. This old hand print has been on my pin board in every incarnation of my office space ever since and has suffered a fair amount from the humidity, dust and light. I’d like to think that I fared better! There have been some very high and very low points, but over all the experience has been a fascinating adventure… And I thank thee all, including all the exiles, nomads, wanderers, and the departed too, friends old and new, for keeping me on my toes, and insuring there was never really a dull moment!

Polaroid 20, Dublin, Ireland

#apolaroidaday – Dum Dum Girls, Musicians Dublin, 2010


Photographed in Dublin in 2010, the bottom part of the image’s view camera-like blur occurred due to the Polaorid camera’s lens which had a dislodged element in it at the time! © Cedric Arnold

Second film for Flying Horse Jeans

Here’s the second promo I wrote, directed and shot for London based jeans brand Flying Horse. Looking at ways to satisfy the impatient denim fans’ need to age their jeans…


The Oh Sees in Bangkok

San Francisco based Garage, Psychedelia, and Punk outfit ‘Thee Oh Sees’ rocked Bangkok last night, with a raw, in-your-face performance that caused mass hysteria at the small venue, Cosmic Café…

Causing chaos, Thee Oh Sees singer John Dwyer – © Cedric Arnold

I’ve been based in Bangkok for over a decade and when in town, I’ve always attended pretty much every performance by any semi-decent act visiting our quality-music-starved city. Last night was one of the best performances I have seen in a very long time, anywhere.

I saw friends who usually stand stationary, arms crossed and with a discreet rhythmical leg movement throughout most gigs, crowd surf & stage dive on repeat, lost in their own world with huge grins across their faces…

Thee Oh Sees guitarist Petey Dammit! – © Cedric Arnold

Music pictures

After Emails form many people asking what happened to my music photography pages, I’ve decided to put some back here. Haven’t done any concert photography for ages due to, err well the most ridiculous shooting conditions being imposed by concert promoters in Bangkok, putting us miles away and often way off to one side. And well, let’s face it, whilst there’s a few positive signs of decent acts coming back to play here and a local indie scene that’s growing (at snail pace); we’re still a long way from the likes of Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan… Here’s some favorites from London, Paris and Bangkok.

Deftones at Reading Festival 2000 © Cedric Arnold / realfeatures.com

Herbie Hancock, London © Cedric Arnold / realfeatures.com

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bangkok © Cedric Arnold / realfeatures.com

PJ Harvey, London © Cedric Arnold / realfeatures.com

L: Red Twenty, Bangkok R: Futon, Bangkok © Cedric Arnold / realfeatures.com

Bangkok Punk gig © Cedric Arnold / realfeatures.com

Noi, from Thai band Pru © Cedric Arnold / realfeatures.com

Bangkok punk gig © Cedric Arnold / realfeatures.com

Elastica, on stage, back stage, Reading Fest 2000 © Cedric Arnold / realfeatures.com

Suede in Bangkok © Cedric Arnold / realfeatures.com

Franz Ferdinand and Placebo at Bangkok Rock Fest 2006 © Cedric Arnold / realfeatures.com